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  • Padayatchi — in general refers to people of the Vanniyar caste. Vanniyar caste people are called Padayatchis.Origin Padayatchi derives from the Tamil word Padai , meaning army or members of an army . In Tamil Nadu, Padayatchi refers to Vanniyars. It is not… …   Wikipedia

  • Kulasekhara — The Kulasekhara dynasty is one of the three surviving royal lineages that ruled the current Indian state of Kerala.Even though the term Kulasekhara dates back to the earlier reign of the Chera dynasty that ruled with Muziris as the capital, the… …   Wikipedia

  • Kulasekhara dynasty (Second Cheras) — For the King and Vaishnava Saint, see Kulashekhara Alwar. For the Tamil sangam dynasty of Cheras, see Chera Dynasty. For the Venad Kulasekhara dynasty based on Kollam, see Venad. Mahodayapuram Chera Kingdom or Kulasekhara kingdom …   Wikipedia

  • SPECUS seu SPELUNCA — terrae recessus cavitasque rupium ac montium est, in qua non feris solum sua receptacula, sed et integris hominum coetibus sua sunt aliquibus in regionibus (uti primitus olim) habitacula. Unde integras Civitates subterraneas Geographi habent,… …   Hofmann J. Lexicon universale

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